Message From Chairman

packaging product supplier in Dhaka

Welcome to the SHIMU EPS Packaging Industries Ltd.

World-class organizations are defined by certain core characteristics: expertise, innovation and a passion for serving constituents, to name a few. These same words fittingly define the packaging product supplier in dhaka , a distinguished manufacturing company for which I have the privilege of serving as chairman of the board. The new year has begun for SHIMU EPS. We are moving forward with dynamism, guided by our vision for the continuous development of one of the most competitive industrial companies, with a strong presence in expandable polystyrene products world. We pursue the highest qualities for our products, services, and operations to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and social value. Our success would not be possible without the contribution of our customers and dedicated employees who have shared in our incredible journey thus far. We look forward to continuing to serve and support all of you in our efforts to exceed expectations. Thank you for taking the time to visit the packaging product supplier in dhaka website.


Mr.Shudangshu Paul
 SHIMU EPS Packaging Industries Ltd.