EPS Block Cutting

Shimu EPS Block Cutting, geared up with oscillating slicing, rigid frame, precise reducing residences. The modular machine allows the road to an upgrade each time vital, operator pleasant control gadget for big productions.

EPS Block Cutting Machine in Bangladesh

Special designed warm twine oscillation has an automatic speed manage device at some stage in slicing. This offers the chance for instant cutting without any wire ruin. This option installed most effectively on the horizontal cutting station.


EPS Block Cutting DesignEPS Block cuttingEPS Block cutting

With lengthy stroke oscillation and adjustable oscillation, speed guarantees the fastest slicing speed at all times with a smooth surface.

EPS Block Cutting machine SIEMENS S7-which includes a 15’’ contact color show permits the operator to look at all of the system parameters all through reducing. Recipe and production parameters can be stored, recall, or moved to any location thru a memory stick on the PLC or network.

Horizontal cutting unit prepared with cord damage gadget, which stops the reduction for a broken wire.

Block Loading Unit

A system may be positioned 90º with an appropriate area for the reducing line course or in line. The blocks are located by means of the operator the use of the forklift, the roller conveyor has a suitable inlet. When the tilting unit is free every block, moved to the tilt unit to start cutting level. The total period of the unit allows loading as much as 5 blocks.

Block Tilting Unit

Block Tilting Unit to feed the slicing line with the hydraulically operated platform. The blocks come to the beginning of the road, after a centering operation made with the aid of pneumatic pushers, the unit lays the block down on the horizontal cutting chain conveyor. The gap among the blocks is 35-forty cm. The block is despatched to the horizontal cutting unit.

Bottom and Side Scrap Recovery

With a vacuum suction tool located below the block, the rest pores and skin accrued with a 1400 mm huge turning roller. The facet scrap coming all through the reducing, directed thru the aspect cover cabin to beneath of the line with gravity. The pre-crusher positioned ultimately of the conveyor recycles the scrap and ship to the recycling unit.

Top Scrap Recovery

Equipped with a vacuum suction unit, the pores and skin come out from the top of the block mold collected thru a 1400 mm conveyor, then with chain drive directed to the pre-crusher placed at the pinnacle side of the reducing line. The pre-beaten fabric transferred thru a fan to the recycling machine.

Auto Wire Setting Unit

A horizontal reducing unit with oscillation has an automatic cord setting system with servo vehicles. The wires set very fast, to preferred thickness. With the oscillation reducing, the fabric intake is less, and smooth floor at the sheets. With the robotic servo managed, wires set to position and locked via a pneumatic airlock. Wire setting unit can set 62 wires, much less than 2 mins. The general height of the unit is around four meters.

The automobile wire putting can be used for minimal 10 mm wire thickness with no human intervention This machine ready with AWP (auto twine protection) automatic slicing pace control. The blocks on the chain conveyor cut with the most velocity at all times, but whilst the wires begin to get anxiety due to slicing pace, this system detects the tension and gradual the rate till the tension is completed. The system operates with PID management, which grows and decreases the cutting pace when wished. This helps for the wire’s lengthy life and higher surface first-rate at the sheets.

Automatic De-stacking Unit

This unit can be used collectively with the automobile cord placing choice. After the vertical cutting stage, the packs come on the final motorized conveyor and prepared to enter the de-stacker. According to the wire thickness, the unit apprehends the sheet thickness and quantity to modify the rights numbered eps packs. After the packs are completed, thru a motorized conveyor it’s far driven within the packing device. The system operates with pack length.