SHIMU EPS Food Packaging Companies in Bangladesh

Today people are becoming more and more concerned about hygiene and quality issues. And for that reason, food packaging is booming gradually. SHIMU EPS Food packaging companies in Bangladesh dealing with the protection of food products, they protect foods from physical, chemical, or biological agents.

Today SHIMU EPS food packaging companies are growing faster and giving competition to other industries. The function of the SHIMU EPS food packaging companies can be divided into five categories, they are– protection, containment, functionality, communication, safety, and environmental issues.

The function of the protection is to make it secure from damages done by any kind of chemical, biological, or physical means and to be concerned with the food products covering. The containment part deals with activities that are related to the reliability and prevention of the products.

SHIMU EPS Food Packaging Companies in Bangladesh

SHIMU EPS Food packaging companies in Bangladesh do the packaging in a way so that no moisture can enter through and no damage will be done while delivering. The functional part ensures that the packaged products are convenient to be used by the consumers and the manufacturers.

The communication portion deals with the graphic and text of the package, which includes the shape, size, content details, and color of the packet. Safety and environmental issues are concerned with the environmental side of the package. This includes package–recycling and product–safety like plastic contamination.


Food packaging companies in Bangladesh

How Do We Give You Our Services?

SHIMU EPS Food packaging generally produce bags, sterile packages, boxes, cartons, cans, Pallets, flexible packaging, wrappers, etc

SHIMU EPS Food packaging companies in Bangladesh can offer any food packaging solution. Our genuine service is second to none, providing quality packaging at an affordable price.

We have become recognized for our superior quality food vac materials and are the leaders in the food packaging companies. SHIMU EPS Food packaging companies can supply food packaging for almost any industry and have stock on hand for prompt delivery. We will endeavor to dispatch your food packaging within the next day from the order.

Food packaging companies in Bangladesh can customize your food packaging to meet any printing requirement, improving the aesthetic quality of sales. Our specialized FOOD VAC vacuum pouches and shrink bags have been used by many in the meat and cheese industry for the past seven years.

We continue to supply quality food packaging to businesses within the food, restaurant, cheese, meat, and catering industries and offer a diverse range of packaging solutions.

For quality food vac food packaging for a variety of foods, call on SHIMU EPS ( +88 01913-319555 ) or submit an inquiry form.

Food Packaging Solutions Companies in Bangladesh

SHIMU EPS Food packaging companies in Bangladesh can offer a food packaging solution for any food requirement. We have a variety of pouches, bags, guards, and netting to ensure your food is packaged to the highest standard. You can be sure your product will be thoroughly sealed with our popular FOODVAC packaging.


Food packaging companies in Bangladesh

FOODVAC Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Pouches come in various sizes and thicknesses. From Standard 75 micron gauge up 220 to High Barrier micron gauge. FOODVAC Vacuum Pouches

FOODVAC Vacuum Pouches range includes side seal vacuum bags co-extruded Nylon/Polyethylene (PA/PE) for preservation which meets all food regulations internationally. Suit several applications, recent & processed meat, poultry, and fish & cheese industries.

FOODVAC Shrink Bags

Our FOODVAC Barrier Shrink Bags are supplied to various users throughout the food and small goods industry. A large and diverse range of sizes. Available in plain or printed materials to suit customers’ needs. Food Industry Products has everything you need. We are your partner and advisor from preparation right to the supermarket shelves.

You know your product. We know our packaging. That is why we like to work together with you from the start – to help you find the best way to produce and pack your product and improve your profits. We supply FOODVAC Barrier Shrink Bags. The perfect packaging of your product.

Bone guard

Some food packaging involves packing meat or food products involving bones. To help prevent puncture resistance, we can assist in supplying a Bone guard, which protects against any sharp bone objects puncturing any barrier bags.

Food Industry Products

Food packaging companies in Bangladesh are your food packaging, processing, and equipment specialists. Our company is committed to supplying quality food products for every industry.

SHIMU EPS Food packaging companies Bangladesh have over 35 years of experience in food packaging, ingredients, food processing, and machinery. Our products and equipment are used by a variety of industries and are recognized for their unique quality.

We strive to provide high-quality food goods and services such as ingredients, rolls of film in standard and anti-fog applications, food packaging including shrink bags, bone guards and netting, food equipment, and machinery.